About Us

Site-Mechanics is an web application development and graphical design company with specific 10 year expertise in databases integration, content management solutions and effective user interface building.

We offer comprehensive, business-oriented solutions, flexible pricing schemes, expert technical consultation and capable design, technical development, support and maintenance services. Our extensive experience includes websites and web application solutions for corporate, government and non-profit client organizations located around the globe.

Programming/scripting languages:
SQL/Transact SQL, ASP.NET/C#, JavaScript, CSS, Flash/Action Script, AJAX, C/C++, XML/XSLT, PHP
IDEs/other development software:
Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, JetBrains Resharper, JetBrains dotTrace, SVN, Adobe Flash, Photoshop
Operating Systems/Platform
            Windows/Microsoft .NET
            Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL
Misc business activity:
Web design consulting, SEO, Studying problems of web usability
Featured Projects
Year/Project name/Technologies/Description
2002 – now / SiteMech.NET CMS and Web Development Framework, set of web-development tools (www.sitemech.net)
SiteMech.NET CMS is tool for easy, reliable and secure database and website remote management. SiteMech.NET CMS allows to manage content stored in database, handles file uploads, helps to work with such website components like banners, online polls. More than 50 websites are currently managed with SiteMech.NET CMS
The main purposes of SiteMech Web Development Framework are to help developers to create web-applications faster, make it more flexible, scalable and secure
2006 – now / www.viewr.com 
Global real estate directory / Google Maps API, MSSQL, Asp.net 2.0
Viewr.com is a world wide web tool and service of viewr Corporation, based in San Diego, California. Viewr is the first Globally Integrated Real Estate Web Site where anyone in the world can explore real estate and possibilities for living throughout the globe.
SiteMech Web Development Framework helped us to create this really web 2.0 solution: Google Maps, different ways of user interaction, video, photos. Specially designed area for real estate agents provides them tools to create their personal real estate listings, submit landmarks like schools and churches near the properties, easily upload videos and photos and much more...
SiteMech CMS allows to control the entire website making possible to track-down and edit all properties information coming from hundreds real estate agents around the world.
Online newspapers web-application solutions (www.mauinews.com, www.mauitimes.com,
www.mauimagazine.com, www.lahainanews.com, www.haleakalatimes.com, www.mauiweekly.com) / ASP.NET, XSLT, MSSQL
Online directories for Hawaiian traveling business (www.checkitouthawaii.com,
www.mauionline.com) / ASP.NET, XSLT, MSSQL, AJAX, Flash
Challenge was to create interactive web-resources for those who use to or just expect visiting Hawaii, website advertises most popular services on the islands.
Automotive design encyclopedia (www.carstyling.ru) / ASP.NET 2.0, MSSQL, AJAX
Second version of our information system, dedicated to the car design, contains articles on the history, styles and trends in automotive design, features reviews and photos of the majority concept cars and most eminent examples of car style, tells about the world-best car design studios and their works, lists the biographies of famous designers.
CSS Design, Ajax and Microsoft .NET 2.0 are incorporated. Website UI available in Russian, English and German versions.
More than 200 websites of different complexity level: e-commerce solutions, real estate, corporate websites

Great provider, friendly, timely, great ideas. Excellent executiion.

Charles Weil

Once again, Sitemech did a great job for me. On time and very fair cost. Thanks again Yuri.

Charles Weil

This is the third time we used Sitemech, again an amazing experience! - it seems like there is no task that they can''t solve! Amazing - They are our choice for fast and creative work!

Arben Kryeziu